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About Cyber Assurance and Marc Winner, Truckee CA

Our Founder Marc Winner has more than 20 years of experience in information technology working with the Department of Defense (DoD) to the semiconductor industry with Texas Instruments. 

As a child he was raised amongst America’s space program watching the Apollo rockets lift off from Kennedy Space Center. At every opportunity he got he toured the NASA computer center with his step-father who was a long time IBM executive. It was at this young age that Marc was bitten by the computer bug, granted the computers he experienced as a child were massive, and disk drives were the size of a washing machine. The passion for computers continued throughout his youth, learning on Apple II as a teenager, and hacking on the automotive systems when he worked in auto parts. This is where the real journey started, that maybe he could make a living breaking and fixing computer systems.

Marc remained working in IT for decades, from working on DoD mainframe systems for IBM to declaring “I am quitting to work on smaller computers, and being called foolish as mainframes are the future” That was in 1989 and the world was about to change. Fast forward to 2003 and Marc decided that IT was not for him any longer.

Thus the passion for information security started for him in 2003 working for the nation’s largest subprime company.

This passion drove Mr. Winner to go back to school and pursue a master’s Degree in information assurance from the prestigious Norwich University. Where he was educated with peers from DoD, CIA, and Department of Homeland Security.

Upon graduating with honors Marc Winner went on to protect Fortune 50 Companies with WhiteHat Security, where he was the Chief Security Officer and Vice President of Information Technology.

Marc Winner has experience protecting companies ranging in size from 10-10,000 employees providing information assurance for companies all over the Globe and has been a speaker for the Cloud Security Alliance. If you would like to learn more about Cyber Assurance or founder Marc Winner, click here, or call us at 530-503-0066.