VCISO- Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

vCISO and CISO Services

VCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) maintains and protects sensitive company assets and information.  As a top security expert, the vCISO works with your management team as well as technical teams to evaluate, develop, improve and maintain your organization’s cybersecurity program and strategies.

Today’s cyber environment is filled with possibilities for hacks, malware, and stealing of precious data through data breaches and identify theft. These disasters create a negative reputation for your organization. A virtual CISO is proactive in implementing your cyber security measures, complying with government regulations and ensures that information assets and technologies are protected.

Why hire a Virtual CISO?
There are many reasons to hire a virtual CISO:

  • Save the cost of a full time CISO and hire one with more experience and training, located anywhere in the United States, ready to fulfill your cybersecurity needs. You will also save time training, along with money on benefits and overhead associated with hire a full time CISO.
  • Fill the role quickly, without the extensive hiring process.
  • Pay for the services and time needed, without the cost of a full time CISO. Receive year-long protection at the cost of a part time CISO.
  • Engage with a security expert who has real, current experience with multiple companies across multiple business sectors.
  • Act proactively to provide threat analysis and strategies for your organization.
  • Accurately meet government compliance regulations and anticipate future compliance challenges. For example:
    • HIPAA
    • PCI
    • GDPR
    • Privacy and security rules
    • SOC
    • FERPA

What can a virtual CISO do for my organization?
A vCISO begins with a risk assessment of your organization- understanding the weaknesses and strengths of your security programs, finding the vulnerabilities. He or she then, while working alongside your leadership, makes recommendations and strategy plans. Once approved, your cybersecurity expert will make the recommended improvements including security compliance, security policy and procedure development, cybersecurity training and more.

Can I hire a vCISO on a temporary basis?
Sometimes an organization’s CISO moves to a new role, retires, or takes a leave of absence. Hiring a vCISO is an excellent choice to maintain the security of your organization on an interim basis without disrupting your security. An interim CISO can also review your current cybersecurity strategies and make recommendations to improve them. He can also assist in helping you recruit and hire a full time CISO, if you have this need.

What type organizations need a Chief Information Security Officer?
All size organizations are in need of adequate cybersecurity. If you have valuable and sensitive information to protect, it’s worth the investment to hire a cyber security expert.  If you don’t have the resources to hire a full time CISO, hiring a virtual one can meet your specific information security needs without exceeding your budget. Some states such as New York, California, Connecticut, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Massachusetts require having the skills of a CISO on staff. Utilizing a vCISO can save companies of all sizes time and money.

I would rather wait until I really need a security officer
If you wait until your organization suffers loss of data and identify theft through a data breach, you have waited too long. Or if your State requires a CISO and you have not engaged with one, a significant fine can be levied. A vCISO is a cybersecurity expert that will be a safeguard for your organization and preserve the integrity of your company. Hire a seasoned professional to develop a cybersecurity strategy and plan for your specific needs.

Keep your organization’s assets and technology secure, complaint and up-to-date by hiring a virtual security officer. Don’t wait for problems to strike before getting your cyber security in place.  Contact Cyber Assurance today to get started.