Cybersecurity companies in Truckee CA talk about how cybercriminals can steal the strongest passwords

Fraudsters can be inventive when stealing your personal information, such as passwords. Cybersecurity companies in Truckee CA explain that using the same password across all of your accounts is a bad practice. Here are some of the most common methods cybercriminals use to steal your personal information.


If you’ve ever received an email, text message, or even a phone call that seems to be from a legitimate company, you’ve been “phished” by hackers (such as your bank or credit card provider). Sometimes, these fraudsters go the extra mile to impersonate legitimate companies and then send you links to click on. Once you click on the links, they get access to all your information, and they can use that to your advantage.

The assault of the dictionary

Cybersecurity companies understand that some of us can be quickly intrigued by big words. These hackers have all the time in the world, and they do have all the time to settle down and pick words off the dictionary. On the list of ways hackers can use passwords to get into online accounts, these are the most popular ones. Cybercriminals might use a dictionary or an index of terms to discover your password. Non-indexed words and alpha-numeric combinations are used in a brute force attack like the dictionary attack is used to get your password.


Cybersecurity companies in Truckee CA explain that hackers lure you into installing malicious software on your computer when you unintentionally download a suspicious file. Your device may then be taken over remotely, or spyware can be installed to capture passwords as you enter them in. It may even be a case of a severe ransomware attack. To protect yourself against the following things, password security is very important.

Identity theft hackers gather information about your private life, which they then exploit to steal your identity or apply for credit in your name for various purposes. Cyber Assurance understands that hacked passwords may allow hackers to get their hands on sensitive information held in online accounts, putting your online privacy at risk. The experts at Cyber Assurance are always ready and prepared to help you protect your passwords.

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