IT cybersecurity professionals talk about data breach

IT cybersecurity professionals in Truckee CA note that there have been a lot of talks recently about “Data Breach,” but what exactly does that phrase mean? Data breaches may be classified as physical, electronic, or skimmed. Risk and repercussions are shared, but the implementation methods are different in every case. this article discusses the different types of data breaches.

Physical data breach

In a physical breach, documents or equipment holding cardholder account data, such as faxes, credit card receipts, blank checks, and files from cardholders, PCs, and POS systems, are physically stolen. Employees are in danger, as well as the company’s intellectual property.

To prevent a physical data breach, dispose of electronic gadgets when not in use anymore. In a storage room full of forgotten hard disks and obsolete PCs, physical violations are easy to commit, and frequently no one notices when they are taken.

Cyber data breach

Information about cardholders is at risk of being compromised if an intruder gains access to the system or network in which the data resides and uses it for nefarious purposes. Application-level attacks may access a system’s weaknesses through web servers or pages.

Experts generally agree that organizations that use electronic media should encrypt their data to make it harder for unauthorized individuals to understand. In addition to encryption, hard drive shredding and electronic media destruction should be used when disposing of electronic devices.


Skimming is reading the magnetic stripe on a credit card’s back and then save that information. This method may be used when a merchant’s POS is secretly equipped with a bug.

Employees may also use an external device to steal data from the magnetic stripe of a customer’s credit or debit card.  Here are a few tips to help prevent skimming:

Keep a close eye on staff who often have access to credit cards without the cardholder’s knowledge. Monitor PIN-pad devices and point-of-sale terminals closely. Keep an eye out for signs of manipulation, such as skimming devices linked to the equipment.

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