Virtual CISO for the healthcare centers in Truckee CA

Virtual CISO experts in Truckee CA explain that healthcare organizations are responsible for safeguarding the privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of the patient records they produce and manage. Federal and state regulations and cyber insurance coverage all contribute to the complexity of meeting these needs. However, many firms lack the internal resources and funding to engage a specialist to help them meet all of these needs. Here are the top four signs you need a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) to assist you.

Your so-called “HIPAA security officer” has no prior information security training or knowledge

Virtual CISO professionals are essential since most healthcare businesses are aware of the necessity to adhere to HIPAA and the obligation to select a Privacy Officer and a Security Officer.  If the IT manager has no prior experience, this may not be a good idea. You can’t assume that just because someone understands how to set up a firewall, they also know how to assess and handle security risks. This degree of business and risk expertise is beyond the capabilities of most IT managers.

There was a security breach or an audit that was not completed to your satisfaction

Virtual CISO companies note that to prepare for audits and react to events and breaches, a company may benefit from the guidance of a trusted adviser. In other words, taking a proactive attitude is what gets us here. It’s never too late to bring in someone who has been through this before and can work with authorities to develop a sensible action plan to get the business into appropriate compliance.

Compliance and cybersecurity are top priorities for the company’s board of directors

Virtual CISO notes that the negative impact that breaches and audit failures have on healthcare businesses is becoming increasingly common. A skilled vCISO can assist the board in evaluating this risk in the same manner that financial, legal, and operational risks are measured and establish appropriate ways to minimize the risk to an acceptable level.

Cyber Assurance is a virtual CISO that can save your hospitals money by determining which security measures are realistic for the company and preventing expensive purchases of security technologies that may not be successful.

Best virtual CISO and healthcare benefits in Truckee CA

Contact Cyber Assurance for all of your cyber security needs. Why pay for a full-time CISO when you can get a fractional vCISO for less? We meet your compliance needs for a fraction of the cost with adaptable programs that exceed every client’s cybersecurity expectation. We are located in Truckee CA, near the Lake Tahoe area and the heart of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and surrounding areas and can service your company anywhere inside or outside the United States.